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Kevin Darroch

Kevin Darroch

A Word From Kevin

Kevin Darroch is the highly experienced Cheese Technician at Arla’s legendary Lockerbie creamery, responsible for ensuring every cheese is of the highest quality.

Kevin has worked at Lockerbie for 20 years, beginning his career making butter before moving across to cheesemaking. But his links with the award winning creamery go further back than that:

“The creamery was built in 1975 and opened by Her Majesty The Queen. I was actually here when she opened it, because my dad worked here then.”

With cheesemaking in his blood, Kevin is clearly passionate about his job. But he never forgets the customer. “My favourite part of the job is making a good quality product that consumers enjoy,” he says.

Indeed, Kevin knows Lockerbie has to keep pace with consumer trends in order to remain successful. “The consumers are always looking for the healthier option now,” he comments.

Consistency is vital to Kevin, and he puts the quality of Lockerbie cheese down to getting it right first time. It’s also the reason they win so many awards, including Best Scottish cheese at the Highland Show and awards at the Dumfries Show and Devon Country Show in 2016

So how does a top Cheese Technician like to eat his cheese? “My favourite way is with crackers or oatcakes,” mused Kevin. And then after a thoughtful pause, “I also enjoy it grilled on toast after a few beers.”

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