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An Interview With

Cheryl Donald

Cheryl Donald

Process Co-ordinator

A word from Cheryl

As Process Co-ordinator at Arla’s Trevarrian creamery on the Cornish coast, Cheryl Donald is responsible for every step of cheesemaking from sourcing milk to grading the final product.

Cornish through and through, Cheryl has been working at Trevarrian for almost 8 years now and sees it as a way of life. Her passion and commitment for her job are clear to see:

“There’s never a dull moment here, there’s always something interesting going on and always something interesting to learn” she declares. “It’s not so much a job, it becomes more of a way of life”.

Her roots in cheesemaking go back generations, and she fondly recalls her most memorable moment in the business:

“My grandad made cheese for 20 years and my proudest moment was when I phoned him up and said, “Grandad I’m making cheese just like you did!””

The traditional Trevarrian creamery specialises in making the finest soft cheeses such as Cornish Camembert and Cornish Brie. And it’s thanks to the skill of people like Cheryl that the creamery wins so many awards:

“2015 was our most successful year – we won 18 Golds,” she enthused. “So far in 2016 we have also won Golds in the British Cheese Awards; we’ve also done really well in the Great Yorkshire Show where we won Class Champions.”

So which cheese does Cheryl love the most? “The Cornish Camembert. It has a really strong savoury earthy flavour. I like it best when it’s really strong and runny when you cut into it!”

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