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Our History

Here in the UK, the Arla story began with Express Dairies in 1864 when George Barham, son of a London dairyman, formed the Express Country Milk Supply Company near Kings Cross Station.

Meanwhile, our Scandinavian heritage can be traced back to the 1880s when dairy farmers in Denmark  and Sweden came together to produce and deliver the finest dairy products.

Arla Foods first arrived in the UK at the turn of the 20th century with the appearance of Lurpak butter in high street stores. Arla cheese soon followed, quickly becoming a favourite on British tables.

2003 was a big year for us. It was then that Arla Foods and Express Dairies merged to form Arla Foods UK plc. From Day One, we set out to continue to build our popular dairy brands and forge ever-closer relationships with our dairy farmers through Arla Foods Milk Partnership.

After joining forces with Scandinavian farmer-owned Arla Foods amba in 2007, 2012 saw us merge with Milk Link to create one of Europe’s largest dairy cooperatives and allow UK dairy farmers to become Arla farmer owners for the first time.

At the same time, the award winning cheese making facilities, Taw Valley, Tuxford & Tebbutt, Llandyrnog, Lockerbie, Trevarrian, Oswestry and Malpas, came under our Arla umbrella.  The farmer owned business has invested significantly in the sites to meet growing demand for the award winning cheese whilst ensuring that the centuries of expertise and skill have been maintained. In January 2014 we also brought in farmers within Arla Foods Milk Partnership as owners.

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Farmer Owned

Back to Grass Roots

We're Farmer Owned

We’re proud to say we’re 100 per cent farmer-owned. So, whenever, you buy a cheese from one our Arla creameries, you can be sure you’re helping to support our hard-working farmers and their families.

Almost all the milk for our cheese comes from the farmers who own Arla – farmers with a genuine passion for milk. They know what’s happening at every stage of milk production, and they work tirelessly to ensure every drop is as natural, healthy and tasty as can be.

That care extends to their cows, and Arla farmers follow the very highest standards of animal welfare. After all, happy cows are healthy cows, and healthy cows give the best tasting milk.

Our dedication to farmer ownership and belief in the importance of quality can be seen in everything we do, and that includes our cheese making. Our passion for producing the finest natural produce is shared by the expert cheese makers in our six award-winning British creameries.

Crafting champion cheeses also takes absolute dedication to every stage of the process. That includes handling every batch with skill and showing the patience to allow cheeses the time they need to mature to perfection.

  • O Packing

    Ostwestry packaging

    This state of the art packaging facility covers 8 acres and boasts an all year round, non-stop operation. Here, a team of almost 400 dedicated packers take enormous care and pride in handling up to 100,000 tonnes of cheese each year. Always working with the consumer in mind, Oswestry features the very latest in re-sealable packaging and delivers cheese in a host of sizes to suit every type of consumer.

  • M Packing

    Malpas Packaging

    Our Malpas facility is a supremely efficient packaging facility stretching over 6 acres, and has a floor area of 85,000 square metres. Carefully handling up to 7,000 tonnes each year, the 60-strong team ensure every ounce of cheese is packed to perfection. A totally flexible approach and keen customer focus are both key to Malpas’ success, creating an impressive array of pack sizes and consumer-friendly formats to meet the ever changing demands of the consumer.

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