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Nestled on the stunning North Cornwall coast between Newquay and Padstow, Arla’s Trevarrian creamery prides itself on its award winning soft cheeses, from fabulously rich Cornish Brie and Camembert to their tangy Goat’s cheese.

Trevarrian is celebrated for its soft white cheeses which rival those made anywhere else in the world. A large part of this success is down to the quality of the local ingredients, and whenever possible the first port of call is local farmers whose cows and goats produce the sweetest, richest milk.

There’s also a strict adherence to time-honoured methods of cheesemaking using recipes and skills which date back generations. Cheryl Donald, Process Co-ordinator at Trevarrian, is passionately aware of such heritage:

“My grandad made cheese for 20 years”, she points out. “And my proudest moment was when I phoned him up and said, “Grandad I’m making cheese just like you did!””

Trevarrian blends the freshest Cornish milk with just the right amount of cream to create the best possible start for their mouth-watering Whites. And these superb cheeses are mould-ripened to intensify their complex flavours, silky texture and creamy mouth-feel.

It’s something cheese lovers appreciate as much as the judges at major awards. “In 2015 we won 18 Golds,” enthused Cheryl. “In 2016 we won a couple of Golds in the British Cheese Awards; we’ve also done really well in the Great Yorkshire Show where we won Class Champions.”

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