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In beautiful Devon you’ll find Arla’s famous Taw Valley creamery, celebrated for its award winning Hard cheeses such as Red Leicester, Double Gloucester and of course good old Cheddar.

The master cheesemakers at Taw Valley take enormous pride in their craft. A witness to this is their near-obsession with the quality of every single cheese, as Grader Hayley Collins explains:

“We check the cheese at every stage of the maturation process to ensure it has the right flavour profile – right body, right texture – for our customers.”

The Taw Valley team are also sticklers for following the time-honoured methods of cheesemaking, using fresh quality milk and traditional recipes. And yet this is no stick-in-the-mud creamery; Taw Valley also embraces the latest technology to continually look for better ways of doing things.

A good example is their Reduced Fat Cheese, as Hayley is eager to point out:

“Reduced fat cheese has become really popular – and we’re working hard with our Innovations Team to get our reduced fat cheese as close as possible to Cheddar, so you still get a real punchy flavour.”

Perhaps the creamery’s best known cheese is the legendary Castello Tickler (the origins of the name have been lost in the mists of time), a super strong extra mature Cheddar with delicate calcium lactate crystals and a long taste profile with meaty, savoury notes but also sweet notes.

As you might expect, winning awards is nothing new at Taw Valley. Yet nothing is taken for granted. “Waiting for the results is a nervous time,” admits Hayley. “Because we put such passion and hard work into what we do here – when we win those awards it makes all that hard work even more worthwhile.”

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