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Built in Leeds in just 2010, Stourton is the newest of our creameries. It is highly advanced in Cottage Cheese making and the only producer of this specialist cheese in our collection of 6 British creameries.

All our creameries blend traditional cheesemaking craft with the latest technology to create award winning cheeses with both character and consistency, and Stourton is no exception.

Using a time-honoured recipe and the passion of master cheesemakers, the classic Cottage Cheese created here is deliciously thick and creamy with a generous silky dressing and melting texture.

As well as natural Cottage Cheese, Stourton makes flavoured versions including pineapple, onion and chive and sweet chilli – and all of the creamery’s cheeses regularly feature in national and international awards.

So what makes Stourton creamery’s Cottage Cheese so special? Karen Burton, master cheesemaker, was in no doubt:

“It’s all in the curd…ours is more defined and in large chunks – it’s easily recognisable.”

The history of Cottage Cheese can be traced back to its roots as a farm house cheese, where quick fermentation means it can enjoyed straight away without maturing. And since it is low in fat, this moist, crumbly cheese is perfectly suited to today’s healthy eating trends.

Lovely enjoyed as a snack by the spoonful with crackers, this potted cheese is also perfect for picnics or meals on the go. And of course no jacket spud or salad would be complete with a good dollop of our Cottage Cheese.

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