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Set in glorious Denbighshire countryside by the River Clwyd in North Wales, the famous Llandyrnog creamery is one of Britain’s oldest Cheddar makers. For almost a century, this creamery has built a reputation for crafting award winning cheeses. From subtle well-balanced Mild Cheddars through to rich powerful Vintage varieties.

Patience is a virtue at our Llandyrnog creamery. After all, vintage Cheddars are matured for up to 2 long years to develop their intense depth and complexity.

But you also need time honoured skills, real passion and a special something to make cheeses of this quality, as the creamery’s master cheesemaker Paul was quick to point out: “What makes our cheese unique is the recipe we use which has been fine-tuned over many years.”

Grading is a highly specialised part of the process, and each cheese is carefully graded following maturation to ensure it passes Llandyrnog’s ultra-high expectations for flavour and texture.

When asked what makes their cheese unique to other similar cheeses? Ceri the site’s expert grader proudly relies: “Our cheese has a subtle, delicate sweetness that in combination with its developed maturity and creamy mouthfeel, gives a pleasurable eating experience keeping consumers wanting more of our distinct Welsh cheddar”.

Perhaps this is why this famous creamery has won more than its fair share of awards over the years. And Paul is clearly proud of the many accolades his cheeses have received from expert judges far and wide:

“In 2016 so far we’ve won Supreme Champion at the Cheshire Country Show and also in the Royal Highland Agricultural Show,” he said, beaming broadly. We’ve also won the Cheese Lovers’ Trophy at the Nantwich International Cheese Show.”

So how does a master cheesemaker like to enjoy Llandyrnog’s end product? “The best way of eating cheese for me is on a butty,” grins Paul. And you can’t say fairer than that.

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