Award Winning Trevarrian

Soft & Mellow

White Cheese

White Cheese

Soft & Mellow

White Cheese

Beautifully soft and creamy, Cornish Camembert, Brie and Goat’s Cheese are classic examples of these ever-popular whites.

Arla’s traditional Trevarrian creamery is nestled within the hillside of the north Cornish coastline, making it perfectly placed to make some of the nation’s finest white cheeses.

Using time-honoured techniques, the master cheesemakers here source the sweetest Cornish milk enriched with just the right amount of cream. The result? Award winning soft cheeses with a distinctively soft and silky texture and a smooth, creamy mouth-feel.


Our Cornish Brie delivers a mild, buttery flavour with a hint of sharpness and clean mushroom notes, and this classic cheese can be aged at home to intensify the flavours.

Goat’s cheese lovers will adore Trevarrian’s mould-ripened soft goat’s cheese. Named Gevrik (Cornish for ‘little goat’), its pure white creamy centre and melting texture boasts a clean, delicately mild flavour with a nutty hint and savoury edge.

Mould-ripened Cornish Camembert is a speciality. Blending robust, complex flavours with a subtle earthy aroma and clean mushroom notes, the flavours grow in pungency as the cheese ages and matures.

Always allow soft white cheeses to return to room temperature to bring out their full flavour. Then simply serve them up with crackers or use them in cooking to give your dishes an added creamy twist.

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