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Cheddar Cheese


Rich & powerful


If there’s one cheese that can lay claim to being the nation’s favourite, it has to be Cheddar. Three of our creameries make this cheese, covering a wide range of maturities, from mild all the way through to Extra Mature & Vintage.

Arla’s award winning Cheddars are finely crafted in timeless fashion at our traditional British creameries. All of our champion Cheddars are made in the same classic method, however each is unique with its own distinctive character – as you’d expect from Cheddars made in regions far and wide in England, Scotland and Wales.

Fresh milk from our Arla farmers is gently pasteurised and poured into vats. Starter cultures and vegetarian rennet are then added to produce curds.

Once the curds and whey are separated and the curds milled, salt is added to act as a preservative and flavour enhancer.

The cheeses are then watched over like a hawk by our expert cheese graders whilst they mature in cold stores for two months for the mildest versions – and up to two years for our punchiest Extra Mature Cheddars.

Our passionate cheesemakers certainly take no short cuts, and the end result is worth every ounce of care; our moreish Cheddars always boast a satisfying balance of sweet and savoury notes.

And since they’re high in protein and rich in calcium, these delicious cheeses are a valuable part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Perfect on a cheeseboard with tapenade and chutneys, our Cheddars make delicious sandwiches and are a lovely cooking ingredient for cheese sauces and classic cheese dishes. To appreciate their full flavour, always serve our cheeses at room temperature.

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